Tacky Beads (again!)

I’ve written before about tacky beads (or, rather, beads I dislike) working up into something pleasing. So I shouldn’t be surprised when it happens  but, yet again, I am.


DSCN0923 (2)Yuk

DSCN0925 (2)Yuk

DSCN0928 (2)Yuckitty Yuk

These are the sort of beads I slide to the bottom of the drawer with a shudder and move on. To be fair, the shiny ones weren’t my choice, just included in one of the monthly bead club packets I’ve mentioned before. The round ones are something semiprecious, I can’t remember which but, seriously, what was I thinking? The opaque facets are just evil but hold on…

They actually work quite well together. I might even be enjoying this piece?DSCN0931 (2)


And here’s the finished bracelet. I’m pleased with it and, for the right person, it will be the right thing at the right time.DSCN0932 (2)


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