The laugh’s on me

I’m a sporadic member of a Bead Club. This means that, once a year or so, I sign up for a six month subscription and receive a packet of beads once a month. It always includes a tube of size 15/o Japanese seed beads, another of size 11/o and two tubes of size 8/o. In addition, there’s a string of 4mm Czech firepolished facets and a “surprise” item. All great for expanding my colour range and excellent value for £7 a month including postage. Except for the occasional shock:

DSCN0331 (2)

Metallic Gold 8/o

Yer-avvin-a-larff, I thought, as my jaw hit the floor. Not only was there one tube of the things but TWO, being size 8/o and all.  “Tacky” is the only word I can find to describe them. Everybody knows I don’t do bling, so the only solution was to shove the little beasts out of sight and try to forget the horror.

Fast forward a couple of weeks… I’m weaving a batch of nine-bead Russian Spiral rope necklaces to help with Woodbrooke’s fundraising and have been badly stuck for something to use with these:

Dark Topaz Frosted AB 8/o

Dark Topaz Frosted AB 8/o

Possibly the most boring beads in my collection, I bought 100g in 2006, used them about twice and they stare accusingly at me every time I open the cupboard. But wait:

DSCN0334 (2)

I can’t begin to express how satisfying this feels. My tacky little friends have lifted their dull companions into a really pleasing piece. I can’t help feeling there’s a life lesson here – something about room for us all, and all of us being necessary.

DSCN0333 (2)


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